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Kai Tracid - Picture
Kai Tracid - Picture
Kai Tracid - Picture

It was in the year 1997 that a young, up-and-coming producer in Frankfurt developed a new formula for successful dance productions: Acid as an underground element mixed with Trance as the popular element resulted in a new blend as the basis for successful future dance productions. Kai TRACID was born.

Since 1997 a number of top placings in the German Dance Charts (DDC) have made Kai Tracid familiar to an audience that includes more than just observers of the scene. With "Life Is Too Short" he even managed to break into the TOP 10 of the German media control single charts in November 2001. His second studio album "TRANCE & ACID" is now due for release. In addition to the recent hits "Life Is Too Short" and "Too Many Times", Kai Tracid also presents a number of brand-new tracks.

Kai Tracid is a producer who attaches a lot of significance to the content of his work and its message. This is a somewhat more unusual approach in the techno scene. Thanks to his consistent recipe for success – "challenging texts coupled with high-quality studio productions" – he soon won the respect of many in the music industry. Thus, Frank Farian, for instance, has also made use of the talents of Kai Tracid, and VIVA nominated him for the VIVA-Comet in 1998.

He started in a small way with second-hand "home equipment" and had to fight hard to assert himself against the more complex technology of his "established rivals" in the industry. Successfully! In his Eternia studio he too now has complex, state-of-the-art technology, alongside a few old analogue synthesisers however. But what really counts, says Kai, is "a love of music, a feeling for new musical trends and, above all, remaining true to oneself."

Three years ago he also founded his own label "Tracid Traxxx", which – without having to exaggerate – is now one of the top vinyl labels in Germany.

Despite the vast amount of time spent in the studio on productions, Kai Tracid has never lost touch with his ever-growing fan community. And that's why he never misses the opportunity to get the crowds going virtually every weekend in some of the hottest – and coolest – clubs worldwide.

In Kai Tracid Germany has a further protagonist of electronic music with the desire, talent and charisma to charm an audience of millions that goes far beyond the borders of Germany.
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