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In 1976, strictly speaking at 07th November a little boy came into this world: NOVUS – a little star was born.

Even from earliest childhood he showed big interest in music and therefore he owned his first record-player already at the age of eight, though then it was all about Elvis Presley and Madonna.

Inspired by various events in Munich he started – at his parents’ annoyance – his DJ-career in his parental home in Rottenburg in Lower Bavaria in 1995.

Known under his pseudonym “Novus” (lat. mean. “New”) he rapidly casted a spelll on the regional crowds with his “Hands-up-Party Trance”.

All his friends and lots of fans joined his sets and numerous bookings far beyound the borders of his home state Bavaria were following.

In 1996, while those booking- and resident activites, he got to know Axel Konrad at one of his gigs in his homebase at that time.

By a very short time they both knew that they are on the same wavelength – in music matters as well as interpersonal – and a friendship far beyond the “Dj-thing” developed. (Original quotation from A.K. 1996: “As a townie I thought you can make a killing here at the country because you own the newest and most fabulous vinyls, but you had to put away one after the other record again because the resident dj is playing exactly your set!”)

In cooperation with Suprime Music Ingolstadt the project “Groove Coverage” was founded overnight by Markus and Axel in Summer 2001.

Supported by his both producers Axel Konrad and Ole Wierk even the debut single entered the Top 20 of the Dance/Clubcharts.

Probably “Are u ready” should have been a sign at that time, because with the second track the final, enormous breakthrough succeeded like no one dared to imagine before.

The cover version of Mike Oldfields superhit “Moonlight Shadow” was number 3 of Media Control Charts and blessed DJ Novus – in the meantime resident in Landshut - the with a 14-days-residence in the Top 20 of the German Single-selling Charts.

Golden record for more than 250,000 sold sound storage media; nomination for an “Echo 2003”, “Mc Mega Music Award 2003” – a dream came true!

Since then Groove Coverage are now touring as Live-act as well as Dj-Act through all parts of Europe and are fireing their audience.

Simoultaneous with the third single, which should also be the fastet own-composed No. 1 of the German DJ Playlist (“God is a Girl”, Meda Control: #8) GC published their first album called “Cover Girl” by the end of 2002. By meeting up with Lou Bega they got a songwriter, who everyone should still remember of well because of his “Mambo No. 5”.

Without taking a long break GC worked on completion of the fourth single by using again the very expressive and emotional vocals of Verena and Mell, who also contributed the vocals for the whole GC album.
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